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Helpline Number of Zong, Jazz, Ufone and Telenor

Helpline number

Last Updated on January 14, 2023 by Ubaid Ur Rehman

There are a number of telecommunication companies that are entertaining customers all over Pakistan. The most common yet most popular networks of Pakistan is Zong, Ufone, Jazz and Telenor. At times it happens that the users face some of the difficulties in managing their networks. Sometimes, they come across difficulties in doing call, SMS or internet packages. To overcome this issue, our telecommunication companies have launched Helpline Number for their customers so that if they face any difficulty related to their network, they can simply connect to this Helpline Number and get all the information to resolve their issues.

These helpline number provide many benefits to their customers. Thorugh the Helpline number, you can activate your call, SMS and as well as internet packages on a go. The call center representative will also connect with you and give you information and recommendations of each and every package so that you can decide which package suits you. I use Zong helpline all the time.

One of the very interesting things about the Helpline number is that most of the companies offer calls free of cost. You could know about your remaining balance, your remaining minutes, SMS and internet Mbs without any charges. In this article, I will take you to the different helpline number and their codes. Let’s start with Ufone helpline.

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Ufone Helpline Number:

Ufone believes to be a customer-care organization hence customer care is its 1st and foremost priority. Ufone network is considered as one of the most used networks among the entire telecommunication companies. This is because Ufone Network provides way reasonable and affordable packages along with adequate resources that suit all of the customer requirements. Ufone Network provides plenty of calls, SMS and internet packages on daily, weekly and as well as monthly basis. If you come through any difficulty or query, you can easily reach Ufone Helpline Number.

Ufone Helpline Code:

To avail Ufone Helpline wonderful service you just have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the dial pad of your phone and dial 333. This service will be available only when you have Ufone Sim.
  • If you want to call the customer care through your landline then you can dial 033-11-333-100. This will directly connect you with the Ufone representative.
  • Ufone network also entertains its user via email at

Jazz Helpline Number:

Jazz network introduces a number of Jazz packages included Jazz call packages, Jazz SMS packages and Jazz Internet packages in order to entertain the users with their services. Jazz introduces jazz weekly, daily and monthly packages. These packages have further variables such as 3-day bundles, Jazz Tarif, Jazz heavy and light bundles as per customer’s requirements. Alot of choices and as is well known, Warid is acquired by Jazz so this is now also a Warid Helpline.

Jazz Network has come up with the Jazz Helpline through which you can gather a bunch of information about each and every offer and details about the packages of your choice.

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 The Jazz Representative has also connected to you through Jazz Helpline so that you can discuss any query or difficulty related to Jazz Sim on a go also referred now to Warid Helpline.

Jazz Helpline Code:

In order to connect with the Jazz customer care to discuss all of your queries and discuss all the packages Jazz Network is providing and for the Warid Helpline number, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to your dialer pad and dial 111 in order to reach the Jazz Helpline Number from your phone. ( Note that, this will only work if you have Jazz Sim)
  • If you don’t wanna use the phone and connect yourself to jazz helpline number through landline than you have to dial 111-300-300. This number is of Jazz Helpline Number.
  • Jazz can also entertain you with the Jazz official website
  • Moreover, if you are a Blackberry user, then you have to dial 120 in order to connect with the Jazz Helpline Number or Warid helpline number.

As we all know that Jazz and Warid are now one network so if you want to connect with the Warid Helpline Number, you ave to follow the steps below:

  • You can call on 321 from your Warid sim in order to connect with Warid Helpline number
  • The Warid Helpline Code for a landline is 111-111-321
  • You can also connect to Warid Helpline via email:

Zong Helpline Number:

As we all are fully aware of the Zong Network that it has a very strong base because of Zong network has millions of customers currently. It is the greatest achievement of this network. The only reason that Zong Network stands to this platform is that it offers a very good range of call, SMS and internet packages in reasonable and affordable prices keeping its customers happy and satisfied. All a simple call to Zong helpline away for you!

Zong Helpline has a number of offers for its customers on daily, weekly and monthly offers. Now if the customers have any confusion about any of the Zong Offer and want any type of information regarding Zong packages, they don’t need to get worried at all as Zong has also introduced Zong Helpline number through which you are able to get all sort of information you need to set any package on your Sim. 

Zong Helpline Code:

In order to get knowledge about any of the Zong Offers and Zong packages,  Zong brings up the Zong Helpline. You have to follow the steps stated below in order to get the advantage from Zong Helpline:

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  • In order to reach the Zong Helpline, you have to enter the code 310 from the dialer pad of your phone. Note that this code will only work when the code is sent from Zong number so you have the Zong sim first.
  • If you want to connect the Zong Helpline Number through Landline then you would have to dial 111-222-111 from any landline, it will connect you with the Zong customer care.
  • Zong also provide recommendations to its customers via email. You can connect to your Zong customer care by this email

Telenor Helpline Number:

Among one of the best telecommunication sectors, Telenor Network has scored second position of all because of its very positive and cooperate gestures among its users. The Telenor Network provides wonderful internet streaming and besides that, this network provides a good range of calls and SMS packages too that can easily be activated via Telenor Helpline.

To reach to its customers and solve any of their queries related to Telenor Network, Telenor network introduces Telenor Helpline.

Telenor Helpline Code:

In order to help its customers more closely, Telenor Helpline is the best option. The customers can avail this opportunity by following the steps below:

  • You have to dial 345 from your phone’s dialer pad. To get an advantage from this opportunity, you first have the Telenor sim for Telenor Helpline.
  • If you want to call to Telenor helpline through landline, don’t worry!
    Just dial +92-42-111-345-100 and there you are connected to the Telenor helpline.
  • You can also connect to the Telenor Helpline through email which is

All of these telecommunication services are available for their customer 24/7. You can call anytime whether day or night. If you find this article good and helpful then share it with your friends and family.


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