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How to Track Pakistan Post Parcel | Pakistan Post Tracking

track pakistan post

Last Updated on January 14, 2023 by Ubaid Ur Rehman

Pakistan Post has a wide-ranging and diverse part to play out there in the market outside the provisions of communiqué link for the people and commerce.  To survive the varying market of communication, the Pakistan Post is accentuating the use of new information technologies i.e. New ways to track Pakistan post parcel

To look beyond what usually is viewed as a principal postal business, Pakistan post is making use of the new communication technologies

Pakistan Post is the largest serving postal service in Pakistan, despite the private postal services available to the Pakistanis.

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In this article you will get to know the means to track Pakistan Post.

How to Track Pakistan Post Parcel?

Pakistan post provides easy tracking methods for the ease of its customers by using modern information and communication technologies.

Here are the methods through which you can track Pakistan post parcel

  • Website by entering tracking ID provide to customers.
  • Pakistan Post Mobile Application

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Pakistan Post Tracking Via Website (choice-1):

Customers can track Pakistan post packages sent to the family, friends or for official purposes.  When you ship an item, you will get a tracing ID through which you can check the location of your parcel. One of the options of Pakistan post tracking is via a website. There are two methods given

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  1. First, you just have to go directly to the website and enter a tracking ID (which has been given to you while placing order) in the text box given on the upper right corner of the website.
  2.  After entering the Tracking ID, press the “Track” button or word written on the left of the text box. You will get results.

Track Pakistan Post Parcel Website header Image

  1.  For international parcels click on the “International Tracking” written just under the tracking ID text box. Click on it and a list of countries will appear. Select the country of your choice.

Track Pakistan Post Parcel list of countries Image

For example, here I clicked on “New Zealand”. A new webpage will appear of the relevant authority in the selected country.

 Enter the tracking ID and get your parcel tracked. As for New Zealand the following window appeared.

 international tracking Image

Pakistan Post Tracking Via Website (Choice-2):

For the second option via website, go to the specially designed Web page for Pakistan post to track Pakistan post Parcel. Enter the Pakistan post tracking ID and track Pakistan Post.

Track Pakistan post parcel website

Here is the URL of the webpage, click on it and get your Pakistan Post parcel tracked.   

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Pakistan Post Tracking Via Application:

Pakistan post has also launched an application for the ease of its clients and customers. You do not have to go to the website especially. Just download the application, execute it and you can track the Pakistan post parcel.

To get Pakistan post tracking service through application.

  1. Download the Pakistan post mobile application (Application is only available on android phones i.e. google play store. This application is not available on App store on IOS i.e. apple phones)
  2. Open the application, the home page will be displayed on your screen with multiple options.
  3. Click on the first option on the homepage that is track and trace or click on the three bars on the upper left corner.
  4.  When you click on the three horizontal bars a menu will open. Select track and trace to track Pakistan post parcel.

 Track Pakistan post parcel Application Application menu

  1.  After clicking on the Track and Trace from either of the methods (from the menu or from the homepage), you get the tracking screen or page.
  2.  Enter the tracking ID in the given text box and press the red track button below the textbox and locate or track Pakistan post parcel.

Application Track page  

You can also use other services provided through the mobile application of Pakistan post. Following are the other services provided by the Pakistan Post mobile application.

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  •          Register Compliant
  •          Express Services
  •          Tariff
  •          Postcodes
  •          Locate the Post Office
  •          Pick Up Services
  •          Pakistan Post Shop
  •          Rest Houses
  •          Foreign Remittances 

You can use the above-mentioned services just on one click on the homepage of the mobile application.  

Pakistan post is devoted to brand secure and safe, protected, appropriate and timely posting of the mail. That is any kind of material and money just at the doorsteps of the clients at reasonable, inexpensive and low cost.



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