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Nayatel Internet Packages – Corporate and Home



NayaTel Internet Packages

This article is for letting you know about the most beloved Internet Service Provider, Nayatel and Nayatel Internet Packages. In Pakistan, the internet has been available since the early 1990s. Nayatel comes under the largest ISP companies who are looking forward to increasing the satisfaction rate of its customers by covering all internet needs of them. Nayatel is a Pakistani integrated telecommunications company active in cable television, interactive multimedia development, video on demand, cable telephony, wireless communication, and Internet access services.

Demands of the internet are reaching its peak even a small kid also needs the internet for watching cartoons or for online poems. By 2006 this figure had grown to 6.5% and in 2012 to 10.0%. As of April 2019, the percentage of internet users in Pakistan is 33.14%, which means approximately 70 million citizens having access to the internet.

So considering this, Nayatel offers massive internet packages in which an individual get faster internet speed. Nayatel stands as one of the biggest names that are providing broadband services to its customers. Currently, Nayatel services are available in 4 major cities of Pakistan which includes Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. If you’re a net lover and sick of slow internet then go for Nayatel Internet Packages and enjoy unlimited internet with higher speed.

Nayatel is famous for its Fiber Optics Technology through which it provides valuable and unbelievable internet services to its users. Nayatel Internet Packages are for those who want unstoppable internet up to 24 hours a day. Nayatel introduced FTTH services in Pakistan and facilitates its users to eliminate their tensions of internet disruptions from their life. In terms of bandwidth and charges, Nayatel Internet Packages are awesome. Nayatel Internet Packages are considered to be of higher rates or more expensive than other network packages but still, the quality of its services is much better among all other broadband service providers.

So, if you are a pure net lover that you need internet after every second and you feel okay with Nayatel Internet Packages Prices than without missing a second just look at the Nayatel Internet Packages details and choose any of them which is suitable for you then subscribe to it. This article contains complete details about Nayatel Internet Packages, subscription code, validation, and charges. 

Nayatel provides a variety of different internet packages with different volumes. 

We take a look at each of the Nayatel Internet Package so that you did not face any difficulty in finding your required details.

There are two categories of Nayatel Internet Packages which are as follows:

  1. Nayatel Home Packages.
  2. Nayatel Corporate Packages.

Nayatel Home Packages

Nayatel sets the new quality standards to meet the expectations of its customers. It transformed Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Faisalabad into the most connected cities overall Pakistan. Nayatel offers Nayatel Home Packages for residential use to provide the fastest connectivity at home. But a drawback is, these Nayatel Internet Packages are only valid for the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. So, let’s have a look:

Nayatel Home 45 GB Package

Nayatel offers Nayatel Home 45 GB Package to provide a satisfying range of internet volume to its customers. Nayatel Home 45 GB Package Price is cheaper than other Nayatel Packages and can be easily paid by the users. This package is valid for a month after then more charges will be applied for extra usage. The details are as under:

Package NameMinutes/InternetValidityPrice
Nayatel Home 45 GB Package45 GB1 MonthRs 1199(Excl. Tax)

Nayatel Home 55 GB Package

After Nayatel Home 45 GB Package, the next one is Nayatel Home 55 GB Package which gives you 55 GB after subscription. It is a good offer as 55 GB is not less, it provides the connectivity a wide range of the internet at affordable rates. Here are the details with all Nayatel Home 55 GB Packages with their charges and duration:

Package NameMinutes/InternetValidityPrice
Nayatel Home 55 GB Package55 GB1 MonthRs 1399 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home Plus 55 GB Package55 GB1 MonthRs.1699 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home Extreme 55 GB (7mbps) Internet Package55 GB1 Month Rs.1699 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home Ultra 55 GB Package55 GB1 MonthRs.1899 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home Extreme 55 GB (10mbps) Internet Package55 GB1 MonthRs. 2299 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home Mega 55 GB Package55 GB1 MonthRs. 2999 (Excl. Tax)

Nayatel Home 75 GB Package

Now comes to Nayatel Home 75 GB Package, which provides 8 Mbps From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm with unlimited downloads and 10 Mbps from 8:00 pm to 8;00 am (Monday – Friday) and round the clock for weekend. I think this is it for any individual’s requirements for the internet. Internet is what? It’s a platform to build various connections to get socially identified by society. Nayatel Home 75 GB Package details are given below:

Package NameMinutes/InternetValidityPrice
Nayatel Home 75 GB Package75 GB, 8 Mbps from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and 10 Mbps from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM (Mon-Fri) and full time for (Sat-Sun).1 MonthRs. 1,499(Excl. Tax)

Nayatel Home 100 GB Packages:

After Nayatel Home 75 Package let’s have a look at Nayatel Home 100 GB Packages. Nayatel has primarily responsible for giving its users the best internet services as they can and reaching their extra-ordinary demands of the internet. Nayatel has launched a series of Nayatel Home 100 GB bundles which includes Nayatel Home 100 GB Ultra Package, Nayatel Home 100 GB Mega Package, Nayatel Home 100GB Extreme Package and so on. Kindly have a look at the entire details of all Nayatel Home Packages.

Package NameMinutes/InternetValidityPrice
Nayatel Home 100 GB Ultra Package100 GB data, 15 Mbps (From 8:00AM – 8:00 PM), Unlimited downloads at 15 Mbps (Mon-Fri 7:00 PM to 9:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday)1 MonthRs. 1,899(Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home 100 GB Mega Package100 GB data, 15 Mbps (From 9:00AM – 7:00 PM) and Unlimited downloads at 20 Mbps (Mon-Fri 7:00 PM to 9:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday).1 MonthRs. 2,999(Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home 100 GB Extreme Package100 GB data, 12 Mbps (From 10:00AM – 6:00 PM) and unlimited downloads at 15 Mbps (Mon-Fri 6:00 PM to 10:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday).1 MonthRs. 1,699(Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home 100 GB Extreme 15 Mbps Package100 GB data, 15 Mbps (From 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM) and unlimited downloads at 15 Mbps (Mon-Fri 6:00 PM to 10:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday)1 MonthRs. 2,299 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home 100 GB Extreme 20 Mbps Package100 GB data, 20 Mbps (From 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM) and unlimited downloads at 20 Mbps (Mon-Fri 6:00 PM to 10:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday).1 MonthRs. 3,799 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home 100 GB Extreme 20/30 Package100 GB data, 20 Mbps (From 10:00AM – 5:00 PM) and unlimited downloads at 30 Mbps (Mon-Fri 5:00 PM to 10:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday).1 MonthRs. 4,999 (Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Home 100 GB Extreme 30 Mbps Package100 GB data, 30 Mbps (From 10:00AM – 5:00 PM) and unlimited downloads at 30 Mbps (Mon-Fri 5:00 PM to 10:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday).1 MonthRs. 5,999 (Excl. Tax)

Nayatel Unlimited Bundles 2020

If you are a user of Nayatel, then there is a big offer of Nayatel Unlimited Packages for you, in which you get 10 Mbps for unlimited downloads round the clock. Nayatel is adding more features and services to give its users a boundary of satisfaction. If you want complete details here below we provided all the details related to Nayatel Unlimited 10 Package and Nayatel Unlimited 15 Package.

Package NameMinutes/InternetValidityPrice
Nayatel Unlimited 10 Mbps Package10Mbps round the clock 1 MonthRs. 1,999(Excl. Tax)
Nayatel Unlimited 15 Mbps Package15 Mbs round the clock1 MonthRs. 2,399(Excl. Tax)

 Now come towards Nayatel Corporate Packages,

 Nayatel Corporate Packages

Nayatel Corporate Packages are for those who are running the organization but there is a hurdle for slow internet then Nayatel Corporate Packages completely fits on your requirements. Nayatel introduced different high-quality Nayatel Corporate Packages to meet the standards defined by the users.

Package NameMinutes/InternetPriceAdditional Usage Rate/GB
Nayatel Connect 160 8M Package160 GB @ 8Mbps speedRs.4,900(Excl. Tax)Rs.70
Nayatel Connect 325 8M Package325 GB @ 8Mbps speedRs. 900(Excl. Tax)Rs.60
Nayatel Connect 445 9M Package445 GB @ 9Mbps speedRs. 13,900(Excl. Tax)Rs.60
Nayatel  Connect 625 9M Package625 GB @ 9Mbps speedRs. 19,900 (Excl. Tax)Rs.50
Nayatel Connect 780 10M Package780 GB @ 10Mbps speedRs. 25,900 (Excl. Tax)Rs.60
Nayatel Connect 825 11M Package825 GB @ 11Mbps speedRs. 32,500 (Excl. Tax)Rs.70
Nayatel Connect 925 12M Package925 GB @ 12Mbps speedRs. 35,900 (Excl. Tax)Rs.60
Nayatel Connect 1170 13M Package1170 GB @ 13Mbps speedRs. 42,000 (Excl. Tax)Rs.60
Nayatel Connect 13 15M Package1300 GB @ 15Mbps speedRs. 49,000 (Excl. Tax)Rs.60

How to subscribe to Nayatel Internet Packages?

It’s very simple, For subscribing to Nayatel Internet Packages, just you have to credit some amount in your account and make a call at +92(51)111 11 44 44 OR “99” from Nayatel Landline.

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realme to Open Infinite Wonders with realme 8 Series



The smartphone industry is brimming with excitement as realme is gearing up to introduce its number series in Pakistan again. This time, the all new realme 8 Series is touted to open infinite wonders with its 108MP imaging capabilities and tons of other remarkable technological advancements. The realme number series is not alien to global recognition. It is used by more than 30 million users worldwide, and is considered as the frontrunner in bringing flagship technology for everyone.

realme calls its number series as a “democratizer of technology”, whereby it aims to bring the technological aspects of the premium segment to people within an affordable price range. Historically, the realme number series has brought on a host of firsts for its customers, like the Dart Charge in realme 3 Pro and the Quad Cam in realme 5 Series.

With the same stead, future entrants such as the realme 6 Series featured a high refresh rate of 90 Hz while the first SONY 64MP camera appeared on the realme 7 Series – making it one of the hottest selling smartphone series for realme in Pakistan.

Keeping up with the same spirit, the realme 8 Series aims to provide top notch features in photography, design and performance to scores of people who have come to expect nothing but the best from the realme number series. The realme 8 Series leaps forward with a 108MP camera sensor and many other trendsetting photography features on the realme 8 Pro. It also takes fast charging to a whole new level and gives a battery performance that goes on longer, faster and even better than before. For the realme 8 Series, the camera carries a 64MP sensor with a Super AMOLED display and peak brightness reaching 1,000 nits.

But, for more updates on the realme 8 Series, people have to wait just a tad bit as the series debuts shortly. So, watch out for realme’s official pages on Facebook & Instagram to know more about the realme 8 Series.

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Infinix Won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021



nfinix was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, Infinix Zero 8, won in the discipline product, in the Telecommunication category. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.

Infinix Zero 8 won over the 98-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its premium materials including a tasteful combination of glass, metal and polycarbonate. Features include a 6.85” FHD+ smooth display and an ultra-night & ultra-wide-angle cameras. A minimalist yet exquisite design finish is assured through gem cut surfaces. The competition was intense: almost 10,000 entries were submitted from 52 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

More information about Infinix Zero 8 can be found in the “Winners” section of the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE.

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OPPO Releases New OPPO A54 in Pakistan



OPPO A54 users are on the search for a phone that meets their expectations for a phone that can keep up with them, but also hit all the right notes with a beautiful design and high-end performance. A54 keeps up with you all day on a large battery and Fast Charging, but also enables you to do with an Octa-Core Processor. ultra-large memory capacity of 128GB ROM, on a large 6.51-inch Punch-Hole Display.

Battery & Charging

To keep you worry-free throughout your day, A54 notably features a long-lasting battery life with 5000mAh of capacity. This will last you up to 2.2 days on a single charge, or give you 19.9 hours of YouTube video playback. You can even chat with friends and reply in the family groups on WhatsApp for 23 hours straight without the tension of running low on battery.  A54’s 18W Fast Charge gets lets you fully charge your phone in only 2 hours and 23 minutes. If you’re looking for a quick charge, ten minutes will get you as much as a 13% charge. Triggering power saving strategies are a savior. At night, if you’ve forgotten to charge your phone, A54’s Super Nighttime Standby conserves your battery life so the next morning it’s only reduced by as little as 1.79%. 

ROM & Display

Whether you’re squeezing in a mobile game or taking a breather with a video, A54 is right there with you to make those moments in your life count. With an ultra-large memory capacity of up to 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM, A54 won’t be a cause for interruption. A54 runs on a Mediatek Helio P35 (MT6765) Octa-Core Processor and with HyperBoost, you’ll experience less lag, and can multitask more. Despite the speed, your phone always stays cool as A54’s Optimal Heat Dissipation uses up to 5 temperature sensors to adjust the temperature. The phone’s performance comes together and can be seen when you turn on A54 and enjoy its HD+ Screen, powered by a LCD display. A54 offers a flicker-free user experience at low brightness that reduces eye fatigue. A54 even goes as far as to customize your screen’s brightness settings automatically with AI Smart Backlighting. So, if you’re reading an eBook at night, right before you sleep, A54 instantly adjusts the brightness for extra comfort. 

Design & Selfie

A54’s attention to design and great usability is evident in both its exquisite appearance and how it helps you to capture great looking shots. This starts with the Material of the Rear Cover, which uses metallic material for its 3D panel, for a stronger, less bendable structure and a comfortable in-hand feel. As a result, A54 weighs about 192g and is 8.4mm thin. You’ll notice that the smartphone has been streamlined, deliberately designed to conveniently unlock your phone with Face Recognition and Side Fingerprint Unlock technology for a higher end yet more complete look and feel.

For all the photographers out there, the Camera Layout says it all. Three cameras are laid out in a simple yet premium matrix layout. The lens uses a superposition process through etching and screen printing. The Rear Cameras itself feature a 13MP Main Camera, 2MP Macro Camera for close range shots, and 2MP Bokeh for brilliant bokeh shots that blur the background and highlight the subject of the photo. The Bokeh in the Front Camera comes with beautification and filter effects. AI Beautification feature can enhance and personalize your appearance based on your age and gender. A54 lets you take photos even against a bright light but retains the details of the photo with Backlight HDR.  AI Scene Recognition can recognize up to 23 different scenarios including green plants, fireworks, birds, sunrise and sunset.

Premium Quality

To boost the premium quality, we’ve made A54 achieve the industry standard of IPX4 Waterproof under the laboratory setting condition. To achieve this, A54 has undergone various strict tests including radiation, climate, slight drop, and signal, etc. All in the efforts to make a reliable product with remarkable quality.

Market Availability

OPPO A54 is available starting April 15th in Pakistan and will come in two colors including Crystal Black, Starry Blue. 

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