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TECNO is set to change the game with the global launch of its new flagship device, the Phantom X2 Series

Last Updated on December 19, 2022 by Junaid Maqbool

TECNO is known to develop something innovative and game-changing with its devices every time a new phone is launched. TECNO has launched the all-new Phantom X2 Series globally. This phone will rival some of the best smartphones on the Market. With a premium feel and innovative features, the Phantom X2 series will soon make its way to Pakistani Market. 

This phone will bring much-needed relief to Pakistani Videographers and vloggers, who would not need to carry a professional camera since the Phantom X2 can take professional-level pictures. 

Cutting-edge Technology 

A good processor is the most crucial aspect of a smartphone because it should be efficient enough to run the device smoothly and integrate all the features smoothly. The MediaTek Dimensity 9000 4nm 5G processor is among the best of the best in its class, and hence it was the obvious choice for TECNO to use it for their flagship device, Phantom X2. It also features 12GB of ram for a smooth user experience. 

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The design is also advanced for this age, with a unique, unibody, double-curved build. This phone offers a retractable lens, which we will talk about later. To ensure that the phone stays sleek and the visual aesthetic of this device isn’t compromised due to the retractable lens, it has 3.5D lunar craters, which will perfectly house the retractable lens. This design language is inspired by art, nature, and mathematics, as per TECNO. 

The Phantom X2 did not compromise on the look and feel of their phone as well; the sides offer a very suitable 71-degree holding angle and a very ergonomic grip, which makes the device comfortable to hold for extended periods. The Phantom X2 series will charm TECNO’s loyal fan base in Pakistan with its unique features and design language. 

Advanced Camera Unit 

The camera technology used in the Phantom X2 Pro is no less than an engineering marvel. This phone offers the world’s first retractable lens. The retractable lens is an amazing feature, as it gives the phone an edge in photography and videography—the 65mm lens and 2.5 x optical zoom. There is an F1.49 aperture. This wide aperture means more light can get in, making unique nighttime photography. There is a shallow 18.9cm depth of field. This retractable lens means studio-like photography through your smartphone. The level of the Bokeh effect, the depth of the picture, the colors, and other things mean that the Phantom X2 can rival DSLR cameras in terms of picture quality. This phone has three other camera lenses, making it one of the Market’s most camera-intensive phones. 

The Phantom X2 Pro features an excellent 50MP Primary lens. Moreover, it features a 1/1.3” sensor for amazing nighttime photography and low-light shots. The other phone in this series is the Phantom X2. This device has a 64MP primary camera, an advanced RGBW sensor, and a 5P+1G lens! 

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These phones will be available in the Pakistani Market early next year! 


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