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The factors behind the success of Samsung’s QLED TVs

Why Samsung QLED is better?

Across the region and beyond, entertainment is a priority for millions of people. Technological advancements have enabled consumers to embark on immersive, cinematic journeys from the comfort of their own homes – experiences that deliver new value and open up a world of exciting possibilities for viewers. Today’s next-generation TVs have driven such products’ popularity into unchartered territory. Combining cutting-edge sound quality with never-before-seen resolution, color, and brightness, they provide unmatched world-class viewing experiences on every occasion.  

TV’s are a now standout feature of any home, and audiences expect and deserve products that will meet and exceed their expectations for many years to come. The last thing consumers should encounter are issues related to safety or burn-in. Instead, they search for a TV that ticks every box in terms of preference and offers longevity, reliability, and peace of mind. 

At Samsung, our range of QLED TVs provides precisely that. Whether gaming, streaming movies, or watching your favorite TV series, interactions are sure never to be interrupted, so there is nothing in the way of doing what you love. Here are the specific reasons behind the success of our QLED TV’s and why they are the number one choice worldwide:

Safety for all the family 

At Samsung, we appreciate and understand that consumers who purchase our QLED TVs do so with the faith and trust that our products will be safe at all times. Every member of the family, adults and children alike, benefit from QLED capabilities, and we take pride in upholding our responsibility to ensure our products align with the highest possible standards. Moreover, various certifications prove why our QLED TVs are number one globally. This year, we became in the first in the TV industry to receive verifications proving that various types of light emitted by our QLED TVs do not pose any photobiological hazards. In line with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) standards concerning photobiological and eye safety, we obtained “No Photobiological LED Hazard” confirmation from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading safety science company. Of course, financial protection is also a priority alongside physical well-being. In recent times, our smart TVs also became the first to be industry-certified for enhanced security. Inclusive of Samsung Knox technology, our defense-grade security platform, we have received the Common Criteria (CC) certification in consecutively for several years – providing further peace of mind for all who purchase our QLED TVs[1]

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Burn-in and overheating prevention

Uninterrupted picture quality is fundamental to world-class viewing experiences, something that we ensure in every instance by preventing burn-in. An issue that has regularly surfaced on countless TV’s in years gone by, burn-in is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display, with persistent images caused by static graphics remaining on the screen for extended periods. This ultimately results in an unpleasant imprint on the screen, disrupted viewing experiences, and leading dissatisfaction. Not long ago, our QLED TVs became the first to be certified burn-in free by video, an acclaimed German tech magazine, in conjunction with Testlab, a global testing lab. TV experts from video conducted a comprehensive evaluation to assess burn-in vulnerability and afterglow, which can impair vision quality – and the results confirmed that our TVs were free of both issues. 

 Of course, the potential overheating issue affecting other markets has thrust the spotlight on overheating prevention measures in all other areas. And this year, our most recent non-overheating verification came from TUV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading testing service providers that ensures safety and quality in all areas of business and life. TUV Rheinland’s highly qualified experts tested our QLED TVs, with overheating one of the key assessment areas. The company certified that our QLED TVs would not overheat at any stage, providing consumers with the comfort of knowing that they do not have to be concerned about such incidents and possible aftermaths[2]

Reliability, durability, longevity 

Another aspect that is instrumental to the popularity of our QLED TVs is their longevity. More than ever before, consumers purchase their TVs as a long-term investment that will accommodate their needs and preferences for many years, demanding reliability and durability. And with our QLED TVs, it could be as long as a decade before visual quality begins to subside, irrespective of how often they may be used daily. Furthermore, we have also taken extra steps to ensure your TVs are protected should any unfortunate incidents transpire. For instance, we have already pointed out how burn-in is prevented with QLED TVs, but lifespan is also safeguarded with a lifetime burn-in warranty, so you never have to worry about purchasing a new TV. Quantum dot technology, which will be touched upon below, does not degrade over time, enabling exceptional, consistent, and immersive long-term picture quality that is not available through most other displays. And to provide further peace of mind, a series of comprehensive tests to measure image retention and verify longevity have also been conducted by numerous internal and external experts – with unanimous positive outcomes[3]

Constant visual quality, cutting-edge sound, and even greater clarity

Our QLED TVs come equipped with ground-breaking Quantum dot technology that ensures all degrees of light immediately transform into breathtaking color. Every detail can be seen with absolute transparency, with picture quality that boasts extreme depth and bold contrast. This is possible because Quantum dots consist of an innovative semiconductor material that emits light according to nanoparticles’ size and can continuously be effective without compromising quality. Immersive visual experiences are not the same without equally impressive audio, and both these areas define the quality of our QLED TVs. Samsung QLED TVs boast Object Tracking Sound+ that utilizes AI-based software, matching audio sound movement with objects that appear through the screen. This is supported by 4.2.2 channel surround sound, with speakers on all sides of the display and sub-woofers for flawless sound quality synonymous with cinema experiences. At the same time, the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) removes distracting sounds in the background for uninterrupted enjoyment.

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The powerful Quantum Processor 8k is also influential behind our success. This has most recently been demonstrated following the launch of the QLED 8K 2020, where every frame is witnessed through 33 million pixels, portraying unrivaled clarity and resolution four times higher than 4K. The Quantum Processor 8K ensures the highest possible standard of quality, tapping into an extensive knowledge database developed through millions of learned patterns to offer immersive and incomparable viewing experiences. 8K AI upscaling analyzes every scene of content, thoroughly processing lighting, color, contrast details, and data. 8K picture can be viewed from any source, and AI upscaling optimizes quality so users can view content with the very best resolution. 

Burn-in and overheating prevention, outstanding technology and quality, and excellent reliability and durability are all contributing factors behind our leading position in the smart TV segment globally. Together with other cutting-edge innovations and the latest AI advancements, Samsung enthusiasts are exploring the future of display technology with absolute safety and convenience, something that will continue for many years to come.


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