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The update for an ultimate gaming experience – Free Fire OB34

Technological advancements all around the world have begun this trend, where people are more willing to try new devices and technologies to make their lives & work easier through innovation. Similar parallel advancements are now taking place in the gaming industry with gamers now adapting to new types of games and modes, forcing publishers to show dedication to user engagement. Since 2017, Battle Royale games have been on a rise, with the smartphone gaming sphere showing growing market share when compared to computer and console gaming genres.

Esports has become a common place around the world with many new games introducing competitive platforms. Free Fire has taken a leap in the gaming industry with its extraordinary features and animations in the game. Youngsters in particular, are now more passionate about playing Battle Royale games on their smartphones, with games such as Free Fire catering to their demands and making the game more fun and interesting for the gaming community.

Gamers are quite excited to hear the amazing new updates to the game this month and Free Fire’s focus on providing a wide variety of engaging content and experiences allowing the gamer to battle in style before the game even starts.

Free Fire has stunned the gaming industry with the amazing updates they are offering in the new OB34. Let’s see the new updates Free Fire have in with its new software OB34:

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Free Fire now has a new look of the rank game page, which includes:

  • A quick overview of important rewards on the road from Gold to Master on the left
  • Entrances to the exchange store
  • Preview of the new fashion bundle updated in the exchange store for the current season
  • Players can now see the new season rewards in the animation

An Updated Rank Reward Adjustment

  • Despite the gun skins for Gold rank, clothes for Heroic and exclusive time-limited call-sign for Grandmaster, they will add major rewards for Platinum, Diamond and Master, which are time-limited purple weapon skins and exclusive time-limited emotes.
  • A new fashion bundle will be added to the exchange store each season. Players can exchange each part at a time.
  • Season rewards (sent at the beginning of a new season if players achieve a certain level last season) will be canceled.

The Optimization of a High-Rank Experience

  • If the gap between Heroic and Master seemed too large, Free Fire has split the BR Heroic into 5 stages to show your progress improving on the way to Master. Free Fire is preparing to do this for CS in future updates.
  • Updated the look of Master rank icons to make it easier to distinguish Master I/II/III/IV.
  • Players who have achieved Master now have a fancier heroic emblem.

Airdrop Adjustment in Battle Royale

  • Airdrop now has a breath effect on each corner, and the effect disappears after the main items are picked up.
  • There are different levels of airdrops, and different levels have different light beam visual effects. The level of the airdrop increases through the game processes

It comes in 3 different levels which include:

Level 1: Normal gold light beam

Level 2: Gold light beam with orange visual effect

Level 3: Gold light beam with red visual effect

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Advanced Item Light Effects in Battle Royale

  • Different levels of advanced items and light effects will have differentiated design
  • Light colors include some lavish colors which will attract the gamers.

-Purple- Gold Gun I, 1887, Lv3 Helmet/Backpack/Armor, etc.

-Gold- Gold Gun II, LV4 Helmet/Backpack/Armor, special props (treasure key, special accessories, etc.)

-Gold II- Gold Gun III

-Red- Airdrop Gun

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-Red II- Airdrop Gold Gun

Along with many interesting updates in Craftland.

Don’t forget to update OB34 in Free Fire on 25/5. Many exciting updates are waiting for you!

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