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How to Check Internet Speed Online by Using Speed Tests?

Check internet speed online

Sometimes it happens that we are doing an important piece of work and out of nowhere, the internet goes down or interrupted. At this time you feel like much irritated and wanted to check the speed of the internet but the burning question is how to Check internet speed online?

Now you need not worry at all because here are some of the easiest ways by which the internet speed should be tested without facing any difficulty or trouble.

How to Check Internet Speed for PTCL:

If you are using internet streaming devices such as charJi, Evo wingle, EVO, wireless broadband or fibre optic then it becomes very easy for you to check your internet speed. The unit of internet speed measurement is Megabit per second (Mbit/s) or kilobit per second (kbit/s). If the rate is higher, it shows that you have a better internet connection. To check your internet speed online, you have to follow the steps below.

  • First of all, you have to be connected with the internet while checking your internet speed.
  • Vite the PTCL Speed test website
  • The specific tool will be provided
  • Open the tool and click “begin test”
  • Here you will come to know bout your internet speed per second

One of the interesting thing about this tool is that this tool does not only check PTCL speed but also provides you with the speed of all other internet connections.

If we talk about PTCL, then this is the most common ye most famous broadband internet provider among Pakistan. PTCL has above 750,000 users all around. The speed of PTCL  varies from area to area and also it varies from time to time. By downloading the tools. You will come to know about the downloading speed and as well as uploading speed will be shown there separately. By visiting the website namely,, you can easily check the internet speed of PTCL, wi-tribe and other mobile networks respectively.

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PTCL Broadband Packages
How to Pay PTCL bill Online

How to Increase the Internet Speed of PTCL:

There are a number of precautions that you have to take in order to increase the internet speed of PTCL. Let’s have a look at them. 

Check your PTCL Router:

If your internet is not working properly, then the 1st thing you have to check is your PTCL Router of the wire from which it is connected. If your router is very old then it might be possible that your internet slows down. In this time you need to change your router to get good internet speed of PTCL

Wire Breakage issues:

If you are having difficulty with the internet connection of PTCL, you can check the telephone cable as PTCL is connected through this cable. Of the telephone cable breaks from any part then it may cause the internet to run slow. So, in order to check internet speed, you should fix this cable issue.

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PTCL packages:

In order to enjoy fast internet streaming, you should go for a better PTCL package because the more devices connected with the PTCL internet at a time, the lower internet speed will be examined.

To restart the connection:

To restart the PTCL connection is the most commonly used method in order to normalize the internet connection of PTCL. you just have to off the router and then on it again so that the connection refreshes and began to work more efficiently.

PTCL helpline:

When all of the above methods fail to normalize your internet connection of PTCL, then you are up with the PTCL helpline number which is 1218. You have to call to this number and complain about your slow internet connection and within 48 hours of your complaint, a PTCL representative arrived and fix the issue. This is also considered as one of the successful methods for accessing a good internet connection of PTCL.

So the above-menthioned methods are very successful methods in order to check your PTCL internet speed. If you find this article much informative then share this with your friends and family and let them become benefited from these services

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