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ZONG Device Internet Packages – 4G Bolt

Zong Wifi internet packages

Last Updated on January 14, 2023 by Ubaid Ur Rehman

After becoming a top-quality service provider in Pakistan, ZONG has successfully launched three portable devices by the name of ZONG 4G BOLT (HUAWEI), ZONG 4G BOLT + (HUAWEI) and ZONG 4G BOLT + FIBER HOME. All of these portable devices provided the same internet speed and customers have a choice to purchase any of the three.  The key difference between these devices is the advancement in features and more convenience and we will talk about Zong device internet packages.

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Zong WiFi Internet Packages:

ZONG 4G BOLT is a portable USB device that can be easily carried via hands or inside pockets to anywhere without any restrictions. Consumers can use it while they are traveling, during class, office and it can also be used at home.

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Zong Mbb Packages (Zong Bolt):

This tiny Zong Mbb USB device can be the fastest portable device in Pakistan today with top speed up to 150MBPs under the right circumstances. The best part of this device is that consumers do have to install any software but they just need to plug in and WALLAH you can access to the world of the internet without any hesitation.

Similarly, it can be plugged in any power source or Computer and it has a backed by LTE, 2G/3G which allows at least 10 devices to connect at the same time, for example, Mobile Phones, Tablets, LEDs, Computer, etc.  Furthermore, it is also supported by the MICRO-SD card which allows it to support by WI-FI up to 2.4GHz 5MHz bands.

Reasons to Choose Zong 4G:

Since the launch of 4G internet in Pakistan, ZONG has been the number 1 leading brand amongst all other companies operating in Pakistan. other brands are just doing shadow boxing which means claiming to be on the top leading brand in terms of Speed and quality. Knowing the fact, ZONG is amoungst the cheapest internet package provider. Just search on the google engine and you will get the positive results.

ZONG has designed Zong 4G device internet packages as per customer income ability. Students, office going people, and Entrepreneurs can all easily afford these packages as per their ability. Here the quick blink to ZONG 4G internet packages.

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Zong MBB Monthly Packages:

                 BUNDLE                   PRICE                    VALIDITY
                 60 GB RS 2,000 1 MONTH
150 GB (75 GB can be access from 4 AM-4 PM only & the rest on remaining time)                 
            200 GB (100 GB can be used from 4 AM – 4 PM only & the rest on remaining time)


Not enough? Take a look at 3 Month Zong MBB Package:

            BUNDLE                PRICE                     VALIDITY
             60 GB                   RS5,500                    3 MONTHS

What? Still not enough? Don’t worry Zong don’t disappoint customers. Here is a 6 Month Zong MBB Package:

  100GB (25GB can be used from 4 AM-4 PM)     RS12000              6 MONTHS

Still not happy? Don’t worry because we appreciate and respect your opinion. We will like to show you one of the best 12 Month Zong WiFi Internet Package:

      BUNDLE           PRICE      VALIDITY
 100GB (25GB can be used from 4 AM-4 PM)        RS22,000    RS 12 MONTHS

To increase your comfortability, If you like to ADD-ON to your chosen packages. Take a look at Add-on for Zong Internet Device Packages:

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  5GB    RS 450  It is valid as per the customer chosen bundle.
Monthly Night time Add-on    RS230 1GB Data daily from 1 AM-9 AM, validity as per base bundle.

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How students can benefit from ZONG 4G BOLT+?

The era of technology has made it compulsory for the students to carry a laptop to complete their assignments and to earn extra pocket money via freelancing work. ZONG 4G BOLT + will allow them to bridge the communication gap. Not only that, but it will also help them to download their assignments from their College or University portal and they can ask any problems with their friends or teacher instead of waiting for the next class. The ZONG 4G BOLT+ is also feasible for Parents especially working women who will easily be updated digitally and not via messages on the copy.

How ZONG 4G BOLT+ can be beneficial for Working WOMEN?

Pakistan is currently experiencing increasing in working women. Freelancing for example, delivering fresh food to the offices, jewelry and cosmetics are highly trading by women in Pakistan. ZONG 4G BOLT+ will allow them to have better communication with their customers and it will help them to understand the culture of organization, norms, values and capacities better.

Why ZONG 4G BOLT+ FIBER HOME internet is beneficial for travelers?

The rebirth of the tourist industry in Pakistan has surely encouraged not only domestic travelers but also international travelers to enjoy the scenic beauty of Pakistan. ZONG 4G BOLT+ will help them to save their mobile battery life during their travel journey because of using mobile internet.
It has a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band which will support good speed internet to the travelers.

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This device will also be providing a good display on a short screen and it also has the option to insert the sim. It also has an SD card which will allow travelers to share pictures directly to their friends, family, or post on Instagram or Facebook.

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