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TCS Tracking | How to Track TCS Package

TCS Tracking

Last Updated on January 14, 2023 by Ubaid Ur Rehman

TCS is a prominent and the best courier service provider in Pakistan. If you want to ship a package to your family, friends or for the educational related or business-related purposes the first courier service comes to your mind is the TCS courier. When you ship a courier locally or internationally it would be a great relief if you can track your courier and know that it reached its desired destination, let me show you how to track TCS package, who wouldn’t want to know TCS courier tracking.

Like all the best courier services globally TCS also provides the ability to track your courier through a tracking number, provided at the time of shipment by the TCS representative. TCS introduces the Tracking System which will help customers identify where their packages are at the current moment. In this article, we will provide you multiple ways through which you can use the Track TCS system to track your packages in Pakistan or Globally.

TCS provides you the several options through which you can use the Track TCS system to track your shipments. So following are the ways through which you can Track TCS shipments.

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TCS Tracking Pakistan:

Like all the best and reliable courier services across the world TCS also provides the TCS Tracking Number to the customers at the time of booking a shipment. The Tracking ID is available on the TCS payment receipt of the package. The TCS Tracking Number allows you to check the position of your package. It shows you that if your package is at TCS warehouse or it’s in the transit or stuck at somewhere like customs.

To Track your TCS package just visit the TCS website at any of your browsers or click the link and type your Courier Tracking ID in the Search Box. 

You will receive all the information relating to your Package and where it is now at the current moment. This also shows the name of the person who receives the package and at what time the package is delivered. Cool, isn’t it?

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Courier Tracking Via Email:

This courier also allows you to TCS online tracking through email. To Track TCS Packages through email just open your email website or through Email app on your phone and send an email to Mentioned the TCS Tracking number in the subject line and also in the body of the email and send it. After sending the Email to TCS you will receive the confirmation from the TCS and the details about your package.

TCS Tracking by Mobile Number:

For those who don’t have internet connection or Mobile Phones or computers, TCS allows them to Tracking TCS through SMS. To Track your courier through SMS just open the messaging application of your phones and send the Tracking ID to +923332177168.

After sending the Tracking ID you will receive all the details of your package via SMS. in this method, the TCS allows you to send one Tracking number in one SMS.

Tracking Courier through Helpline:

TCS also you to Track TCS packages through TCS Helpline. In this method, you need to make a call to the TCS customer care center at +9221111123156 and ask the TCS representatives to tell you the details of your package by telling them your Tracking ID. The TCS representatives give you the status of your package.

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In the past, it was difficult to track your package. Once you ship your package, you just have to wait for the package to get delivered and then receive confirmation from the receiver. But with the advancement of technology and the invention of the internet, nowadays it is easy to Track your Package through different options. TCS allows you to Track Courier Online, through Email, through SMS, and through Phone Call.

The above-mentioned option not only works in Pakistan but also allows you to track your internationally shipped packages. I hope one of these methods was what you are looking for. Share this with your loved ones and leave a comment for any questions. Follow us on Facebook.

TCS also offers discounts to students for documents they have to send all over the world and has partnered with UPS for collabs too. This has become a trademark.

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