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Telenor Advance Balance Code 2020 – Telenor Advance Loan



Telenor Advance load Code

Telenor entered in Pakistan telecommunication market more than a decade back. It soon became one of Pakistan’s top network providers in Pakistan that are providing good mobile connectivity over all three 2G, 3G, and 4G spectrums. Explore the best-prepaid packages provided by Telenor to meet your mobile communication needs. With Telenor, enjoy a wide range of value-added services at the most affordable rates. Telenor provides an incredible range of offers and promotions.

Telenor Advance balance is a facility for its prepaid users to meet emergency situations when you are in need of balance. Sometimes, it happens that you are in an emergency situation and you have to call someone urgently or to send SMS but you do not have a sufficient balance as well as you are unable to access a retailer shop at that time too. So, in such critical situations when you feel hopeless, the only way to come out from this situation is to get Telenor advance balance. Telenor facilitates you to get sufficient advance to meet the emergency situation requirements with great ease.

By using Telenor Advance Balance or Telenor Emergency Load, you can now get a loan of Rs. 15.00. The service is available for all djuice and Talkshawk customers and the service fee is paid upon your next successful recharge.

Package NameTelenor LoanPriceSubscription
Telenor Advance Balance or Emergency Load Loan of Rs.15Rs. 3.5(incl.Tax)Dial *0#

Terms and Conditions

  • If you have already taken a loan, you cannot request another loan until you recharge your account and return the current loan + service charges.
  • There is no restriction on having a minimum balance to avail of this service, only one thing required is, you have to clear all previous Loan requests.
  • Telenor Emergency Load will be repaid upon the first successful recharge. Rs. 15 plus Rs. 3.5 (including tax) service fee will be deducted upon recharge.
  • Validity for Telenor Advance Balance amount is 30 days
  • Balance can be checked via standard balance inquiry USSD code *444# which will be charged at Rs. 0.20+tax.
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Zong Super Card – All Packages



ZONG super card packages

Similar to all the telecommunication networks that are providing super card offers to its users, the Zong network has also come up with the Zong Super Card Packages. With these offers, the Zong users are benefited with the unlimited call, SMS and 4G Internet data streaming on ago, so what are you waiting for?

How to avail Zong Super Card Packages?

As Zong network is serving its customers since a very long time period, now, in these difficult days, Zong network has launched this amazing and wonderful Offer for its users. This offer provides you with the unlimited zong to zong minutes and maximum minutes on any other telecommunication networks. Moreover, you will also get free unlimited SMS on any other network besides Zong and also unlimited MBs for your internet streaming. Because of this mega services provided by Zong, you will be able to connect with your beloveds with full comfort and without personally visiting them.

Zong Super Card Bundles details:

To avail these Mega bundles you have to follow these simple steps:

  • You have to dial *6464# from the dialer button of your device
  • Now press 4
  • Woah! You have subscribed to the Offer.

By subscribing this offer, you will be able to avail the following:

  • 2000 Zong on-net minutes
  • 150 minutes on any other telecommunication network
  • 2000 free SMS on any network
  • 2GB Zong 4G internet streaming
  • 2000 MBs for WhatsApp

You can avail this offer at only PKR 499 respectively.

Zong Super Card offer Code:

 The activation code to subscribe to offer is as follows:

  • Dial *6464# from the dialer
  • Now press 4 for the activation of offer

Zong Unsubscription Code:

In order to unsubscribe the offer, follow the steps below:

  • Type “Unsub monthly 500” on a new message 
  • Send it to 6464.

Zong Super Card Monthly in PKR 650:

By subscribing to Zong supercard 650 Offer, you can get a bunch of resources including a number of minutes both on-net and off-net, a good and reliable SMS package and also free MBs in order to overcome your social distancing.

To subscribe the offer you have to recharge for 650 PKR including tax. By this recharge, you will be able to get:

  • 2500 on net zong minutes
  • 150 minutes on other operators
  • 2500 SMS
  • 2500 MBs Zong 4G internet streaming
  • 2000 MBs WhatsApp data
  • Validity is 30 days
  • Taxes are including in the recharge of 650 rupees

Zong All In One Offer:

For your convenience, zong network is providing Zong Supreme Super Card offer in order to get all the resources in one package so that you don’t need to do separate calls, internet and SMS packages every time.

With the Zong Supreme Super Card bundles, you will get, Zong monthly power offer. This offer provides you:

  • 1000 on-net zong minutes
  • 50 off-net minutes
  • 1000 free SMS
  • 2500 free Zong 4G data
  • Validity is 30 days

The zong customers have the golden opportunity to avail:

  • Zong super card offer for a month in just Rs 350/-
  • Zong super card offer in Rs 599/- for a month
  • Zong super card bundle for the entire month in Rs 799/- 
  • All of the monthly bundles have all calls SMS an Mbs respectively. 

Now avail Zong Super Card offer in just PKR 350

 By subscribing to this offer, you can get:

  • 1500 zong to zong minutes
  • 70 minutes on networks other than zong
  • 700 Mb internet data
  • Validity is 30 days

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How to subscribe to this offer?

To get yourself benefited to this offer, 

  • Type “Monthly 350” on new message
  • Send it to 6464

To unsubscribe this offer, type “Unsub monthly 350” and send it to 6464.

Zong 4G is getting wide day by day due to its very good and inspiring services. This offer is one of the most popular and successful services of Zong telecommunication network. We are glad to announce that Zong has crossed over 40 millions of subscribers and this could be possible only by the zong users.

I hope that this article would be helpful for the New Zong Users. If you people find this article worth helpful then share this with your friends and family too so that they could also get themselves benefited from Zong Network.

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Jazz Device Packages – 4G Internet



Jazz Device Packages

Since June 2010, Jazz has fortified itself and brought more joy to its users by introducing services as Jazz Cash, Jazz 4G, Jazz Device Packages or Jazz Wifi Internet Packages for Jazz 4G device. Jazz plays its mantra “Dunya ko bata do” bold and loud and enables the youth to make use of the fastest internet service across the state. Not only has Jazz proved to be one of the strongest networks but has also earned its name in providing the fastest internet and wifi services.

Despite being one of the strongest most networks and practically the best, Jazz Device Packages are affordable yet incredible. The users make use of Jazz Wingle and Jazz Super 4G Devices which are known and experienced to be as fast as lightning.

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Word has it that Jazz WiFi or Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages has been offering its users the fastest speed of Internet with the most smooth of flow. There are rare cases of slow browsing and buffering. Despite the offer of an extraordinarily robust Internet facility, Jazz 4G Device is very reasonable priced and brought about to the availability of all those who need it. It has a huge coverage and hardly fluctuates. It is the network of the most highly satisfied users.

Jazz WiFi and MiFi Internet Packages:

PackagePriceDurationDetailsActivation CodeStatus Check
Monthly Internet Basic PackagePKR 999/-(tax included)30 Days15 GB*117*71#*117*71*2#
Monthly Internet Regular PackagePKR 1500/- (tax included)30 Days30 GB*117*73#*117*73*2#
Monthly Internet Mega PackagePKR 2000/- (tax included)30 Days50GB*117*36#*117*36*2#
Monthly Internet Heavy PackagePKR 2500/- (tax included)30 Days75GB*117*74#*117*74*2#
3 Months BundlePKR 4000/- (tax included)90 Days36GB/Month*117*15#*117*15*2#
6 Months BundlePKR 10000/-(tax included)6 Months75GB/Month*117*16#*117*16*2#

You can buy Jazz WiFi and Jazz 4G Device through any Jazz franchise or retailer.

The Monthly Internet Basic Package includes 15GB of data in PKR 999/-(inclusive of tax) for 30 Days. To subscribe, dial  *117*71#.

The Monthly Internet Regular Package offers 30GB internet in PKR 1500/- (tax included) for 30 Days! For subscription, dial *117*73#.

The Monthly Internet Mega Package comes with the provision of 50GB data in PKR 2000/- (including tax) for 30 Days. You just have to dial *117*36#.

The Monthly Internet Heavy Package provides the user with 75GB internet in just PKR 2500/- (including tax) for 30 Days. To avail this offer, dial *117*74#.

The 3 Months Bundle charges are PKR 4000/- (inclusive of tax) for 90 Days providing with 36GB each month! Dial *117*15#.

The 6 Months Bundle worth PKR 10000/-(including tax) comes with 75GB data per month. For you to avail this, dial *117*16#.

Jazz WiFi Device Packages mentioned above are all inclusive of tax. You can easily avail these as per your data needs. Besides the benefits of affordable packages comes a lot more!

If you love to travel a lot, I have news for you! These are portable devices that are rechargeable of course. You just need to plug the Jazz WiFi or Jazz 4G Device to your system and enjoy your selected package. And are travelers ever alone? Rarely!

And so another music to your ears. Jazz MBB Device allows up to 10 users to connect to it and that too without the buffer but if you’ve got more friends you may as well want a Jazz Wingle Device that allows up to 12 users with Jazz mbb packages.

So, neither do you have to worry about additional softwares to install to get your device running nor do you have to look for any sockets. Its you, your Jazz 4G Device and your system. In case, you need a change of settings: Just use your Mobile Phone.

Jazz 4G Device supports up to 32GB MicroSD Card along with its own 2000mAh battery capacity which means you can also make use of the device as a USB and it also has the fastest 4G speed of 150Mbps.

Jazz Wingle Device also allows a MicroSD Card up to 32GB along with a memory capacity of 2300Mah as well as the same speed as Jazz 4G WiFi Device.

Jazz Internet WiFi Devices run acceptably well on WinXP(SP3 onwards)/Vista/Win7/Win8 Win10/MAC/Linux Operating Systems. They run on an input of 5V giving an output of 4.35V at the rate of 3.5W of Maximum Power.

It is advised to not charge your device the whole night as it may damage it and weaken the performance as well as make use of genuine systems/chargers/devices to connect with your Jazz Internet Device.

Taxes are included in all the prices mentioned of their respective packages. You do not require a re-subscription of your chosen package if you have sufficient balance in your account after your package has expired. The weather conditions and the exceeding number of users than the limit defined may affect the speed and performance of Jazz WiFi and also the amount of traffic at a particular time of the day mostly from 6PM to 11PM.

If you wish to check the amount of data you have consumed, you can do it for free! However, if you somehow managed to consume it all before the date of package expiry; a per MB charge of PKR 0.30 would be charged. Also, you may also make use of the data packages in 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network forms and not only can you avail these packages on Jazz WiFi Devices but also Data SIMS by Jazz.

How to Subscribe Jazz Device Packages:

For anyone who wishes to subscribe to Jazz WiFi Internet Packages or Jazz MBB Packages, it is necessary to have your Jazz MBB number that is linked with your MBB Device.

It is not a compulsion to be using Jazz as your MBB number but if you do, you can save yourself the worry of heading out to the retailer for your recharge or subscription. All you have to do is dial *6363# and avail the services from the USSD menu. (but if your prefered network is other than Mobilink Jazz you can go out to your nearest Jazz franchise and subscribe to your suitable Jazz WiFi Device Package.)

To subscribe:

  1. You need to be connected to your Jazz WiFi or Jazz 4G Device
  2. Log onto your device portal @ http://jazz.wifi/ . The username and password of the new portal is set to “Admin”.
  3. In case it does not work out for you, you can either dial *6363# or call 111 @ Jazz Helpline. And bingo!

The device portal not only enables you to subscribe to Jazz MBB Packages, Jazz 4G Devices Internet Packages, Jazz Mifi Devices Packages or Jazz Wifi Internet Packages but also to check your other MBB numbers, if they exist, and to change them as well. It is a lot easier to select your desirable package and to keep a check on your MBB numbers through the provision of this portal.

Mobilink Jazz is Pakistan’s topnotch telecommunication network. It has gained its reputation by the services provided to its users throughout the existence of the company. The data packages are the most commendable. It is a reliable network that hardly lets you off even when you’re at nowhere within the country.

Things you need to remember if you are willing to go for Jazz WiFi:

  1. Jazz 4G Devices Internet Packages, Jazz Mifi Devices Packages or Jazz Wifi Internet Packages are renewed after every expiry automatically provided that you have balance in your account so if you need to unsubscribe from any of Jazz WiFi package, make sure you do it before the expiration.
  2. There are no charges to check for your activation, residual data or the amount you have consumed.
  3. The prices of the devices range from PKR 3500/- to PKR 4500/-. You need to subscribe to the package after the purchase of Jazz WiFi Device.
  4. Jazz 4G Device is rechargeable (and large in comparison with Jazz 4G Wingle Device which is plug and play i.e USB like)

Here is all about Jazz Internet Device Packages. For more information you can call the helpline which is 111-300-300 or log onto your Jazz portal.

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Jazz Super Card – All Packages



Jazz super card

The ultimate objective of Jazz is to deliver its patrons with the finest experience of the internet and other services. Jazz Super Card is providing astonishing services for the ease of its subscribers. Jazz monthly packages contains

  •  Jazz monthly hybrid bundle
  •  Jazz monthly super duper
  •  Jazz super duper card
  •  Jazz monthly super duper plus offer
  •  Jazz monthly All rounder package

 Monthly packages of Jazz are collected below. You have to have one. Here we are with the details:

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle:

This is one of the jazz monthly packages. It is a limited time offer. Call setup charges for the first pulse of each call would be Rs.0.15. To avail this offer, subscribe or dial *430# and get your monthly hybrid bundle activated. Jazz monthly hybrid bundle subscription fee is 444 but recharge of 500 is required at the time of subscription. Internet data packages can be used on all three G’s that are 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Code:

Just dial *430# in your keypad.

Jazz Monthly Details:

Title On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes Internet Data SMS Validity Charges
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle 10000 (200 minutes /day) 50 1 GB 1000 30 days 444

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Jazz Super Duper:

Jazz has presented its Super se bhi Ooper Jazz Super Duper offer.  This package has “No Call Setup Charges”. To Subscribe dial *706# and enjoy jazz monthly Super-duper offer without waiting for a second. Jazz monthly super-duper subscription fee is 577 but recharge of 649 is required. The data will work on 3G and 4G. Every time to avail an offer, users have to dial the subscription code.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Code:

Dial *706# in your keypad.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper:

Title On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes Internet Data SMS Validity Charges
Jazz Monthly Super duper 3000 (Jazz and warid) 150 3 GB 3000 30 days 577

Jazz Super Card 600:

Jazz introduced its Jazz Super Card  600. This service has no call setup charges. If Prepaid clients subscribe to this jazz super card 600 offer within 30 days of initial(first) subscription the prior incentive will be added to the new one and validity will be reset to 30 days. To subscribe dial *601# to avail this super duper card offer. Subscription fee is 600 including taxes.

Jazz Super Duper Card Subscription:

Dial *601# in your keypad.

Jazz Super Card 600 Details:

Title On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes Internet Data SMS Validity Charges
Jazz super duper card  2000 (Jazz and warid) 150 2 GB 2000 30 days 600

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer:

Jazz introduces thrilling Jazz all in one packages to provide you with all of your communication requirements or wishes. In Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer you can easily call any loved one on any network. You can send SMS to anyone and experience the best 3G internet for a whole month without any delay.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer Code:

If you want to activate this offer dial *707# to subscribe and enjoy Jazz monthly super duper plus offer. All-in-one subscription fee is 977 but at the time to avail the offer recharge of 1099 is mandatory. Every time to avail offer , users have to dial the subscription code. This offer is also known as Jazz super card 1000.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer Details:

Title On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes Internet Data SMS Validity Charges
Jazz Monthly Super duper plus 5000 (Jazz and warid) 300 10 GB 5000 30 days 977

Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package:

 This is a limited time offer. To get this amazing offer which will fulfill your communication needs Dial *2000#. And experience the best network with smooth call services and data browsing and surfing.

Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package Code:

Dial *2000# in your keypad.

Jazz Monthly All-Rounder Package Details:

Title Off-net Minutes Internet Data SMS Validity Charges
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package 200 5 GB 1500 30 days 596

How To Check Jazz Balance?

Title Code Fee
Check jazz balance *111# 0.12+tax

If you want to check the balance of your Jazz connection use the USSD code *111#. Merely dial the USSD code from your cell phone. You will get the balance on the screen of the cell phone. The fee that will be charged is Rs.0.12 with tax. This code is just for Jazz Subscribers and Mobilink prepaid subscribers to check Jazz balance.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Jazz keeps the right and discretion to set or change the price and rate of any package or bundle and offer to remove or change and cancel any package or bundle or offer at any given point of time. Prior notice will be announced to affected clienteles accordingly when it is required according to the PTA’s regulations.
  • Price or charges of each offer or package or bundle will be bound by all pertinent taxes. Regardless of the circumstance in which part of the state the requisite package or offer or bundle is subscribed or being availed.
  • Charging system keeps a few amounts of available volume of data in MBs of the package or bundle or offer against accessing every website and application on the device. Thus, the concurrent accessing or opening of several websites and applications might result in keeping all the available volume of data (in MBs) of the package. It may charge on the base rate of the package.
  • Total of recharge and balance needed for bundles would be rounded up to the nearest whole number
  • In case of any complaints, questions, queries, or additional requirements use email on the following email address
  • According to PTA if you want to report any kind of unethical, Unwanted and unreasonable messages via texting as” SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message” to 9000.
  • According to PTA, now you will not be able to use a SIM not registered on your any name or letting just anyone to use SIM is a crime.
  • If you want to block any unwanted message and calls dial 420 to block it some fee or charges would be applicable.
  • Undesirable marketing communiqué would be blocked by using “Do Not Call Register” service by using the texting “ON” or “SUB” to the number 3627. It is a provided to Jazz customers free of cost service.
  • Specifics of relevant charges and taxes on the use and recharge within territory of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir are given below
  1. Income tax rate (Advance) is @12.5% on every recharge
  2. Sales tax rate within the territory of Islamabad is equal to 17 percent.
  3. Sales tax rate inside Pakistan and AJK except the federal territory of Islamabad  is 19.5 percent.
  4. Gilgit Baltistan is relieved of taxes.

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