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WWDC 2020: Everything You Need to Know

WWDC 2020

Apple’s WWDC is among the big event for the tech junkies. This year WWDC is a different event mainly due to the COVID-19, for the first time, the event is streamed online exclusively with no audience. During the online event as expected some of the big announcements were made. These announcements bring new changes in the UI of Apple’s products which make the user experience more interactive. Some of the announcements are those which Apple’s users are waiting as they were available in android already and some announcements come up with a big surprise.

So in this article, we are going through the big announcements that were made in Apple’s World Wide developer conference 2020 known as WWDC.

Apple’s Next Major Software Update IOS 14:

Every year at WWDC Apple announces its next major software update and this year is no different. Apple announces IOS next update IOS 14 which will be available to all devices running IOS 13 later this year. The most significant design change is the addition of widgets to the home screen. This might be a very big deal for many users as widgets help them to get quick insights of data from the home screen. Apple adds widgets in different sizes and shapes and these can be placed anywhere in the home screen or different pages. These widgets will be available in the widget gallery and can be accessed from there. With the help of widgets, users can get instant insight of data like weather details, important meetings, battery stats, etc. 

Apple is also adding an App gallery which is similar to the app drawer found in the android. App gallery can be accessed at the end of the home pages and the purpose of this App gallery is to find apps instantly. On the top of the App Gallery, there are suggested apps along with the recently used apps. Underneath that there are all the apps arranged according to their categories which allow users to find apps quickly. The search bar is also present on the top to find apps by typing.

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Picture in Picture (PiP) is also coming in IOS 14. With PiP you can swipe up while watching any video especially youtube videos, the video will be minimized in a floating window that hovers on your home screen. You can open another app while the floating window will be present there with the video playing allowing you to use multiple apps while watching videos.

Apple adds additional functionality in the PiP mode allowing users to resize the floating window or place anywhere on the home screen. Users can also move the floating window to the side through which the video minimized but the audio will continue playing in the background. This way users won’t need to exit videos while replying to text messages or responding to emails.

New MeMojis are Coming with IOS 14:

Memoji are a fun way of interacting with others. Apple introduced AI-based emojis and called it Memoji with iPhone X. With every passing year Memojis are getting improved and more faces and characters are added. This year Apple introduced accessories features in memoji like characters with masks in the wake of COVID-19, new faces, more age options, and more emotions. This might be a small change in the UI but it definitely made interaction more engaging.

New Dedicated Map for Cycling and EV Users:

With IOS 14, the Apple map is getting dedicated cycling-specific navigation. It will notify users whether they need to carry their cycles upstairs or the best possible way for cyclers to reach their destinations. Initially, this cycling feature will come to the users in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and few cities in China including Beijing and Shanghai. More cities will be added gradually once this update goes live,

Another interesting feature added in Apple’s Map is for the EV users. This will tell them where the next charging station is in their current route so that they can charge their cars.

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Apple is Launching Digital Car Key Feature:

Apple is introducing a new way to unlock and start a car with the IOS 14. Users will register their digital key with Apple’s wallet and with the supported car they can unlock their car with digital key via NFC. For now only BMW 5 series 2021 will support this feature, more cars will be added in the future. Users can also start their cars with the digital key when their phone is placed on the start pad inside the car. The digital key will be stored in a cloud and can be deleted at any time through the user’s iCloud account. The interesting thing about this feature is that users will add multiple driving profiles for other iPhone users. Users can restrict someone especially their kids with specific permissions.

Gigital Key

App Clips are debuting with IOS 14:

App clips are launching with IOS 14 which is a clone to android instant app feature. The core of this feature is that you don’t need to download an app to access its full feature. With this users will be able to test the app before downloading it completely and decide when or whether they need this app.

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Changes in the IPADOS 14:

Just like the IOS 14, the widgets are also coming to the IPadOS 14. It is still not clear whether users are able to pull widgets out of their today view page and place it on their home screen just like the IOS 14.

A new sidebar is making its way to the IPadOS which will make navigating apps easier. It is showed while using Apple’s Music and other applications. If you are using your IPad as a substitute for your laptop then this sidebar will be very useful for you to do many things without using the touch screen.

Apple also redesigned its search feature in IPadOS and is now looks exactly like a spotlight feature in macOS. Now it can help you search contacts, search on the web, or provide you the ability to launch apps using search bar similar to the launchpad.

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Scribble is coming to IPADOS 14:

Apple is launching a new feature called scribble in IPadOS 14. With scribble, users can write in any text field using Apple’s pencil and it automatically converts it to text. This feature will also detect whether the text is a number, email address, or house address and will automatically direct users to their respective apps when the text is tapped.

New Feature for Air Pods:

Apple is updating the Air Pod software which will now allow users to seamlessly switch between the paired devices. With the new update, users won’t need to manually switch the paired devices. The Air Pod automatically connects the paired device which starts playing audio.

WatchOS face swap and new faces:

Apple is allowing users to share their watch face with others on the Apple Watch with a feature called Face Swapping. Users can also add a new watch face by finding it on a developer’s website or through social media.

Dance Tracking:

The fitness app in the Apple Watch that uses the gyroscope and accelerometer to track heartbeat or footsteps will now be able to track the user’s dance type.

Sleep Tracking in WatchOS:

Apple is adding AI and machine learning in the WatchOS to track the user’s sleeping cycle. Apple Watch sensor helps to track user’s motion. The Companion app for fitness on the iPhone will now give more in-depth insights and it won’t need Apple Watch anymore to work with.

Picture in Picture Mode is Coming in TVOS 14:

PiP is coming to TVOS 14 with which users will be able to use any video apps over other apps. It will also help users to look around different apps without switching or leaving the video app.

Apple New MacOS Software Looks Like IOS:

Apple’s next iteration of the macOS is called Big Sur which will be launched alongside the IOS 14. There is a big design overhaul in the next macOS update. These new features will now look similar to IOS and iPadOS especially with the addition of features like a widget on the home screen, Messaging improvements like grouping, and pinned conversations.

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New Apple’s Chipset for the Upcoming Computers:

Since the start, Apple is using the Intel-based processors in its computers. Apple is using its own technology for the chipsets in iPhones and iPad but for the computers, it relies on intel-based SoC. But now Apple is making a switch towards its own in-house silicon for its future computers.

This is a big change. Apple is making a huge effort of making its own components rather than relying on intel-based components. It also has a huge shift in software. Apple is making software over the years that are compatible with the Intel-based hardware. But thanks to the inhouse Chips from Apple now the Apps from iPhone or iPad work seamlessly on the macOS which is a huge deal.


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