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GIK Graduates develops Pakistan’s first Real-time Online Search Engine to Ease Shopping


Countries around the globe and their economies have been affected by the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Pakistan is one of them with cases reported above 8000. To combat the pandemic Corona Virus, people are instructed to observe social distance and avoid any sort of physical contact with one another. It has been 5 weeks since the Pakistani Government has imposed a lockdown all over the country where almost all shops, markets, educational institutes have been closed. Daily routine happenings have come to a halt. Due to this lockdown, individuals are extremely discouraged, sad and worried that how their basic and daily needs will be fulfilled.

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Individuals are fearful and they are staying at their homes, protecting themselves and people around them by taking all precautionary and hygienic measures. At the same time, they are confused about this situation. Online shopping is the most important way of tackling these shopping problems. But also an extreme problem is determining which shopping platform is credible and useful. 

To eradicate this big issue, Mr. Muhammad Bilal Jamil and Mr. Syed Ali Abbas Haider, graduates of the GIK Institute (2019), have come up with an incredible solution. They have created Pakistan’s first-ever website, known as, which will monitor your required product across all Pakistani online stores. is the largest platform that meets all the needs of the users. While browsing through this website, people can get their desired product from the most authentic online stores. The founders made the best use of technology to support customers by purchasing online to fulfill their shopping needs. 

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Searching one product on an online platform is easy but getting all the products in one place eases many problems and discomfort of the user. Shoppingum is Pakistan’s first-ever real-time online search engine, where nearly more than 3.2 million items are available from 210 Pakistani online stores. 

The cost and quality of the product is the topmost concern of the user when doing online shopping. When is there, nobody has to stress about this. offers a side to side cost comparison highlight of the product that helps the user in identifying not only which product is the cheapest but also which item has the best quality. This feature provides a safety measure for its users to protect them from untrue data, over-pricing, replica/false products, and other tricks. Shoppingum takes care of all its users.

Moreover, the user can track their chosen product through this website. Whenever the user will search their desired product, a complex live algorithm starts to function and it brings the item from all Pakistani online stores.

Shoppingum brings the most accurate and reliable results to its user. It also tells the user whether the online store is conveying their desired product or not during this lockdown. The site also allows the user to access the location of the online stores so that they can order from the store that is nearest to their delivery address. Users are very easily and conveniently using this site and are encouraging others to use this site too. The site is very effective. The Founders of the website claim that is the largest online platform that uses advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to track millions of products available on authentic Pakistani Online Stores.

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So what are you waiting for? Make use of this opportunity and make your online shopping way better and easy.


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